This commemorative was issued in 1921 to help celebrate the Centennial of Alabama's admission into the Union. There is almost no memorabilia associated with the coin or the celebration. no holders have ever surfaced. I do, however, have an envelope and its accompanied coin. This envelope was from Alexander B. Andrews Raleigh, NC. Most of the coins were distributed by banks and on street corners in downtown Birmingham. I also have two small booklets from the Alabama Centennial Commission, each one a Children's Play about a century of statehood.

The coins are both 67+. There are no PCGS 68's. The 2x2 variety is several times more rare than the plain. The "x" in 2x2 is not "times" nor "by." It is the cross of St. Andrew, the patron saint of Scotland. The 2x2 variety is a POP (Population) 2 coin, as is the plain variety (seen in the 144 coin set). These coins in this grade, as you can see, have a very low POP. Some feel the Alabama coins are one of the key coins in the set. 

- J & L

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